Stand out! 

Do you want to draw more attention before, during and after the fair? You can use additional advertising! We prepared an offer that will perfectly suit your goals and needs.

Include your logo in the catalogue and trade brochure

Do you want visitors to find your stand at first glance easily? What can we do together to enhance your visibility?

  • put your logo on the exhibition floor plan in the catalogue and brochure
  • distribution of samples or gadgets with your company logo
  • display your ad on the TV at the registration point at the main entry

Even greater brand visibility

You only have a few seconds to catch the eye of your potential customers. Therefore we offer increasing your brand visibility by:

  • banner above the stand
  • higher stand walls
  • roll-up in the main hall
  • floor stickers directing traffic to your stand

These are just a few options that will help you to attract visitors and be remembered by your customers. Check the Marketing Services Catalogue for more!

Many ways to boost your visibility to Visitors

Take maximum advantage of taking part in the NutraFood and WorldFood fair.

Increase your brand’s visibility by:

  • placing a banner on the NutraFood and WorldFood registration website, you will be noticed by every visitor going through the registration process!
  • placing your ad on the Visitor Badge
  • putting your logo on the visitor lanyards

Do you want more? We have many other options to improve the effectiveness of your participation at the fair. Just leave us a message at

Present yourself as an industry expert

Take the chance to be positioned as an expert brand and participate in a conference programme. Presenting or participating in a debate is an excellent brand-building strategy. The conference forum is also perfect for showing all news and innovations!

Let your product be appreciated and awarded

Take the opportunity and show your product to a professional jury of representatives of retail chains, associations, and industry organizations looking for innovative and top-quality products.

The best products at WorldFood Poland will:

  • be presented to trade visitors
  • be introduced to media representatives
  • receive a rich package of marketing benefits

Become a Sponsor or Partner

Do you want to stand out as a leader in your Sector? Or do you want to advertise your services and products directly to a specific target group attending the fair?

If yes, we have a perfect offer for you. Become a Partner or Sponsor of the NutraFood and WorldFood fair.

You can choose from a variety of options like:

  • Main Sponsor of the WorldFood fair
  • Sponsor of business MatchMaking area filled with buyers
  • Sponsor of the sector (e.g.: NutraFood, EcoFood, Food&Drinks, ColdChain)

Need help finding a perfect fit? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at We’ll create a tailored promotional package for you.

Build the positive image and awareness of your brand together with ColdChain and WorldFood Poland!

Get the most out of your participation at WorldFood where the food industry, wholesale and retail trade, and retail chains meet once a year. It’s a one-of-a-kind chance to boost your brand awareness in the desired target group.

Check out our Marketing Services Catalogue and contact us at : We will happily tailor an offer that will suit your needs and budget!