ColdChain Poland – leading international platform with unique products

ColdChain Poland is an innovative business event that gathers professionals from the refrigerated supply chain industry. The trade fair attracts manufacturers, distributors, and individuals responsible for logistics in various sectors, from the food industry to the medical sector.


Why participate in ColdChain Poland?

Discover Unique Products: ColdChain Poland is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with innovative products and solutions not only from Poland but also from various parts of the world.

New Business Opportunities: The trade fair provides a platform for building an optimal portfolio of products and brands, monitoring the market, tracking the latest trends, and establishing connections with potential suppliers.

Industry Knowledge: Participation in conferences, debates, and panel discussions allows for expanding industry knowledge and understanding the dynamic changes in the refrigerated supply chain sector.

Networking: ColdChain Poland is an excellent opportunity to establish valuable business contacts, exchange experiences, and engage in B2B meetings with professionals from the logistics and supply industry.

Consultations with Experts: The trade fair offers the opportunity for consultations with market experts and specialists in the law related to refrigerated supply chains, which is particularly important in the context of dynamic changes in this field.