Automation and IT services at ColdChain Poland : ColdChain

New exhibitors of the ColdChain Poland fair and the parallel WorldFood Poland fair:

Automation and IT services:

1. Jmb Lab offers modern solutions in the field of IT, such as: programs that automate processes in industrial companies, warehouse systems, customer relationship management tools, B2B portals and HR software.

2. Layline offers IT services and consulting in the field of logistics processes, i.e. queue management of people, trucks and freight.

3. Obortech creates an intelligent communication and data exchange system based on blockchain and IoT technology for all entities in the supply chain, i.e. transport, logistics and storage.

4. 4smart Logistics provides solutions such as internet platforms or mobile applications to optimize and control internal and external logistics processes in transport, logistics, supply chain and warehousing.

5. Toyota Material Handling is a manufacturer of warehouse automation solutions. It offers customers a wide range of warehouse equipment and counterbalanced forklifts.

Visit the fair on April 18-20 at EXPO XXI, ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14 in Warsaw

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