Leyline organizes flows of trucks and cargo at the gates of agricultural and manufacturing companies, increasing throughput and improving employee and customer efficiency and satisfaction. 


Leyline simplifies queues of people and freights

  • manages freight movement before, on and after arrival at logistics premises
  • manages document turnover and creates photo-proof
  • works with your external and internal logistics

Communication interface

Drivers and your logistics office all communicate in their own language using Leyline

Your logistics office

  • Has all the data:
  • type of freight, driver’s and company information, type of freight,

need for rest and rest schedule

  • information from weights, laboratory data and photo proof
  • Can move drivers in sequence or call a specific driver for unloading
  • Defines geofence-based queue sign up – drivers fill-in the form on their smartphone and wait for their queue at a separate parking lot instead of lining up at your entrance

For drivers

  • Fill in the form with all relevant data at kiosk, on the web, in mobile app
  • Get notified when:
  • their location is close enough to your office to register in the queue
  • their turn has come up
  • they need to change location
  • receive in-app instructions with easy access

With Leyline you get

  • Simpler processes execution
  • Higher personnel satisfaction
  • Throughput increase
  • Better company image
  • Less line reorganizing times
  • Less stress and unnecessary work
  • Faster freight processing speed
  • Freed-up parking lot at your premises


  • Scales
  • Laboratories
  • Cameras
  • Sensors and detectors
  • Gates
  • CRM
  • Other and legacy devices