1) When will I get the access to my virtual stand?

Access to the platform is granted automatically within 48 hours from the application but it may take up to another 24 hours for the login details to reach particular users. If for some reason you are waiting longer for your access data, please contact the technical department at: technical@lentewenc.pl

2) What devices is the platform compatible with?

Access to the platform is possible from any device with the Internet connection and a web browser – you can connect with your clients through a PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

3) Do I always need to use the same device to log in?

No. You can log in using different devices each time if you need.

4) Does participation in the online trade fair require a lot of time and workload?

Participation in the trade fair is divided into two stages:

– preparation period – usually takes a couple of days. During the period you need to gather all necessary promotional materials (company description, stand graphics, video files, documents, brochures, catalogs, etc.) and then publish them on your virtual stand. We are sure you already have most the elements mentioned, so the time needed to collect them should not take long.

– event period – this is the time you reserve for visitors. In addition to pre-arranged meetings, you can talk to visitors who will be viewing your virtual stand. We hope they will keep you busy all the time 🙂

5) How do I report technical problems?

You can report any technical issues by clicking on the “HELPDESK” tab, (located in the top menu section) where you will find a list of people with tasks assigned to them. Select the person whose subject area corresponds to your problem and start a conversation.

6) Do we need a graphic designer to prepare the stand design?

No, you don’t need a graphic designer to design your stand. Regardless of your participation package, we offer you a choice of ready-made stand (several variants, each in different color). The bigger your package is, the bigger your stand will be.

Graphic files for the stand are a separate topic. You can prepare the graphics yourself or have them done by a professional. It all depends on your individual needs and expectations regarding the appearance of the virtual stand. If you are interested in ordering graphics for your stand, contact the technical department for a quote: technical@lentewenc.pl

7) What are the specifications & guidelines for the graphic/video files?

You can find all the data here: [LINK]

8) What promotional materials should I prepare for the visitors?

The platform allows you to upload various promotional materials:
– “DOCUMENTS” tab – where you can add leaflets, brochures, catalogs, price lists, etc.
– “VIDEO” tab – where you add video files

Specifications & guidelines on the size and acceptable formats are available here: [LINK] Instructions on how to upload the files: [LINK]

Make sure to add the description of your company (“DESCRIPTION” tab) and the graphic banners relevant to the stand variant.

9) Are there any limitations regarding promotional materials?

There are limitations on the size and format of files uploaded on the platform.
You can find the specifications & guidelines here: [LINK]

10) Is the platform ready for a large number of users?

Yes, our servers have numerous security features and continuous technical support to ensure the highest quality of services. Should you face any difficulties, please report them to the technical support (“HELPDESK” tab in the top menu) or contact the organizer directly.

11) How many visitors can we talk to / handle at a time?

There are two forms of communication:
– main (public) chat – where you can write messages and answer questions from all the visitors who are currently viewing your stand
– individual (private) chat – where you can talk to one, specific visitor only. There are no limitations on the number of chats conducted by one employee at the same time.

12) What are the possible forms and rules of contact with visitors?

There are four possible forms of contact during the fair:
– text chat
– voice chat
– video call
– scheduled meeting in the form of a text chat or video call

Access to selected forms of contact depends on the type of ticket purchased by visitors and the type of package selected by exhibitors.

13) How to check if visitors are currently viewing my stand?

After logging into your account click the chat icon. In the upper right corner of the chat window you will see a list of people who are currently viewing your stand. To see the full list of people click “Show All”. You can write / call / connect via video chat with each individual from here.

14) Are the lectures and conferences live-streamed?

We distinguish two forms of presentation: live-streamed lectures and those in the form of ready-made video materials available throughout the duration of the fair.

15) Can I watch the lectures that have already taken place?

If, for any reason, a user was unable to attend a specific live-streaming, they will have the opportunity to watch it on the next day. All lectures will be recorded by the organizer and posted on the platform within +/- 24h from the end of the lecture.

16) How does the calendar tool work?

The calendar has many useful functions. It is divided into three tabs:
– “SCHEDULED” – a list of confirmed and scheduled meetings
– “TO BE CONFIRMED” – where you will see meeting invitations from other users
– “MANAGE YOUR TIME” – where you can set your availability for other users on a given day


17) How can I set a reminder of a scheduled meeting?

When you go to the “SCHEDULED” tab in your calendar, you will see a calendar card pictogram for each appointment. Click on the pictogram and add the meeting to your calendar to receive a reminder – possible synchronization with Gmail, Apple mail, Outlook, Yahoo.

18) What should I do if the person I scheduled a meeting with did not show up?

Unfortunately, we have no influence on the presence of particular users at the pre-arranged meetings. Remember that you can also contact this person via text chat, voice chat or video call any time during the fair (without prior appointment).

19) In what languages is the platform available in?

The platform supports two language versions (Polish and English) selected automatically by the browser . The default language is Polish.

For exhibitors from countries other than Poland, the platform should automatically switch to the English version. If this is not the case, however, you just need to change the browser language to English in the browser settings (Edge, Chrome, FireFox, etc.).

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