ColdChain Poland Virtual Expo is a unique online platform connecting people from the cold chain industry, food industry, including wholesale, retail and the HoReCa sector. It is an extremely productive, efficient and easy-to-use tool that allows you to meet potential partners, sell products and services or source new vendors and solutions. ColdChain Poland Virtual Expo enables you to learn about emerging opportunities and initiatives, discuss pressing issues and get answers from the industry experts during numerous meetings and conferences – all in just 3 days!

ColdChain Poland Virtual Expo gives you direct access to thousands of industry representatives looking forward to your invitation and willing to learn about your products, ideas and potential cooperation. Establishing business contacts takes place as a part of selected individual meetings, set upon approval by both parties. The platform allows you to connect online with both new and existing customers and business partners in a friendly and open environment.

Who is taking part?

Everybody! Thousands of your customers, partners, prospects, coworkers, friends and other people you know will be at ColdChain Poland Virtual Expo and so
should you!
• Producers, Distributors and Suppliers
• Retailers and Wholesalers
• Direct-to-Consumer and Tech Startup Companies
• Solution Providers & Tech Companies
• Investors & Mentors
• Media, Agencies, Consulting and Analyst Firms
• Industry Experts and Specialists

Benefits of joining ColdChain Poland Virtual Expo

ColdChain Poland co-located with WorldFood Poland – the biggest Food Expo in Poland gives community related to the food industry place where they can
work together, learn from each other and cooperate. It isn’t just another virtual conference or webinar. It focuses on all of the interactions you would have on-site at ColdChain Poland and even more.

• Meet with existing clients, vendors and partners, reconnect with old friends
• Meet new potential partners, sell products and services
• Grow Your Business and source new vendors, solutions and possibilities
• Launch new products, make announcements and share news
• Meet with industry media and analyst
• Find a mentor or be a mentor
• Get answers to your questions from industry experts
• Discuss pressing issues within group discussion
• Learn about new initiatives in food related industries
• Share about new initiatives, support and partner them
• Reach out to investors or potential acquirers
• Reach out to startups raising capital or potential acquisition targets

How do I register or sponsor?

If you’re interested in taking part or sponsoring ColdChain Poland Virtual Expo, please contact us at

Book an online stand
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